Our own needs often exceed commercially available solution.
Our Solution – make it yourself to your own specification

We are able to use our wide range of experience & knowledge to undertake tasks which are not ‘run of the mill’


Bond Street Hanging Baskets

Brief : Design and devise hanging basket brackets for Bond Street's elaborate Victorian wrought iron lamp-posts that are both aesthetic and economical.





Solution : Select design which does not 'compete' the existing style of the lamp-posts i.e. as simple as possible.

 Fabricate from re-enforcement metal (15mm diameter barley sugar twist) to complement existing ornate metalwork.




Park Benches

Brief : Design and install public park benches to utilise existing brick features.

            Finished product must be durable for outdoor use in a wet West of Scotland.

Solution : Fabricate benches to mount on existing feature.

                 Ergonomically moulded for comfort and constructed from mesh to aid drainage.

Chevron Traffic Island

Brief : Traffic island on high speed dual carriageway; prominent signage damaged by errant vehicles.

            Reduce vulnerable street furniture (signage posts). Prevent vehicles penetrating island.

Solution : Substitute with more durable design. Create inert chevrons from ballotini-faced paviers.

                 Slope of chevron for visibility repels vehicles.
                 1st in Scotland - steer through layers of bureaucracy.