About us

Contracked Lands proprietor David Conroy has worked in land management for over 30 years. Initially beginning in the Forestry Commission, David worked in amenity woodlands maintenance establishing and harvesting the forestry conservation trust. From this David moved into local authority consulting, project management, landscaping design installation and management. David's last post in the public sector was in Westminster City Council during which he garnered many accolades (see below). In the public sector David advised on arboricultural management, railway vegetation management and industrial weed control.

David has used his extensive knowledge to customise his own work vehicles which are specialised for various tasks (see below). Contracked Lands uses these vehicles and his three decades of experience throughout the UK and Ireland.

A selected resume of David's achievements are listed :-

             Running planting programme of up to 350 ha p.a. i.e. 650,000 trees in one season

             Initiating small forest produce centre

             Founder member of Telford Trust for Nature Conservation

             Setting up and running a Weed Control Research Programme

             Winner London in Bloom 1989

             Winner Britain in Bloom, Large City (1990) and Small City (1991)

             Installing first road traffic island with black and white chevrons in Scotland after steering through local and central government. see Special Projects/Street Furniture

             Evaluating tenders and awarding contracts; up to five concurrently.

             Managing landscape contractors; single contract value of 1.5 Million

             Playground installation and Renovation; 100,000

             Design and rebuild Victorian recreation grounds; all building works and soft and hard landscaping; 2.5 million

             Landscape Consultant Bristol Development Corporation.

             Adapt road vehicles and trailer to rail use and conform to Network Rail standard RIS 1530. see Off Spec Solutions.

             Design and fabricate Railer De-Icer module to Network Rail spec. see Off Spec Solutions